UW-La Crosse Graduate Student in MS in Medical Dosimetry

UW-La Crosse graduate student Paige Solie is Gundersen’s current intern. She began the medical dosimetry program with the foundational online coursework in fall 2021, then January 2022 she started going to Gundersen six hours per day for her 12-month clinical internship while continuing her online coursework. Initially, Solie started with mock patients, and later began working on real patients where her plans are supervised and then checked by certified medical dosimetrists.

UW-LaCrosse graduate student Paige Solie loves how the Medical Dosimetry program applies problem solving and critical thinking. In her program, she spends six hours per day at the hospital working with medical dosimetrists on real treatment plans and two hours per day learning skills online. Photo courtesy of Gundersen Health System.

Read more about Paige’s experience and the online MS in Medical Dosimetry at UW-La Crosse.

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