What is Wisconsin Online?

Wisconsin Online brings together all fully online programs across the 13 Universities of Wisconsin. Wisconsin Online’s award–winning programs are flexible and affordable opportunities to earn career–aligned or professionally accredited degrees. Wisconsin Online programs include access to high–touch student support services to provide a clear road map for student success, up–to–date content delivered by the same experienced faculty and instructors who teach on–campus face–to–face courses, and courses that have been professionally designed to ensure a rich online learning experience.

The 13 fully accredited Universities of Wisconsin have a long and rich history in delivering distance education courses. The evolution of higher education and new technologies has allowed Wisconsin Online to educate thousands of students in Wisconsin and beyond, through high–quality, innovative and transformative online learning experiences through more than 200 fully asynchronous online programs.

Sixty seven percent of University of Wisconsin students earn credit in online education courses with a total of 123,932 students in 2021-2022 enrolled in online education across the 13 universities. Eighty percent of the students enrolled in online courses in 2021–2022 were students who were on an UW university campus and were taking a mix of online and in–person courses. The remaining 20 percent of students were enrolled exclusively in online coursework. About 80 percent of these exclusively online students are part–time students.

Choose from more than 200 degrees from 13 Universities — all 100% online and designed to fit into your life and your plans for your future.

Browse our program catalog, search by area of interest, campus or degree level. Find what’s right for you and get the support you need to make it happen!

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