U.S. Marine and Professional DJ Sets His Sights on His Degree

“[My interest in the military] started way before I even was in Oshkosh. I was at the point where I went to school for a year, but didn’t really have a focus on anything, so I took a gap year and figured out where I could go to school and work at the same time. Toward the tail end of that phase, a co-worker of mine said “Hey, you’d make a great Marine” and somehow that stuck in my head. Eventually, I started doing some research and then I said, “You know what, this is something I can get into” and then I enlisted. Now originally, I was going to go into active duty so I would only have one semester at school and then pretty much take the next four years off, but luckily, I was talked out of doing that and I went into the reserves so I could go to school and perform my military service at the same time. That was how it started and then it grew over time to where I wanted to pursue it full time.”

Read more of Dominique’s story and experience as a UW Oshkosh student.

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