Holly Folyer found UW-Superior’s Online Sustainability Management Program to be a Perfect Fit

Sustainability: This important buzzword is ubiquitous these days. And, with good reason. The future of our earth – and its inhabitants – depends on a deeper understanding of climate change, which all circles back to sustainability.

The program is growing rapidly, noted Sakib Mahmud, Ph.D., a professor of sustainable management and economics at UWS. “Many young folks are passionate about climate change and climate action,” he said.

Holly shared some of what she has studied in the sustainability management program.

“We’ve studied topics which are sometimes referred to as ‘ESG’ – environmental, social, and governance,” she said. “Specifically, we’ve covered environmental science, triple bottom line accounting, supply chain, business/policy, energy, waste management, renewables and more. We’ve had to learn ‘systems thinking’ in all components.”

Read more about Holly at UW-Superior’s news page.

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