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The Master of Science in Education in School Business Management (MSE SBM) degree qualifies students for licensure as a School Business Manager in Wisconsin since a master’s degree is required for licensure under Wisconsin DPI code 5008. However, if applicants already possess a master’s degree, they can complete the specific credits required for licensure by customizing the Certificate in School Business Management.

Program Description

All courses are offered 100 percent online. Coursework is aligned with the Association of School Business Officials (ASBO) International School Business Management Professional Standards, covering areas of school finance and budgeting, auxiliary services, negotiations and conflict resolution, staffing, and community relations.

Instructors include alumni who are currently working as school business managers and superintendents in Wisconsin public schools and are available on weekends online for student assistance. Nine credits are considered full-time for graduate students. While some students take nine credits, they typically take anywhere between three and six credits per semester. The rotation and availability of courses each semester allows students to complete the master’s degree in two years. However, all coursework applied to this degree must be completed within seven years. The degree requires a minimum of 36 units of coursework and includes an unpaid internship. The internship involves the completion of a portfolio of experiences under the guidance of a practicing School Business Manager and the Program Coordinator.

At least half of the graduate level courses in the degree program must be at the 700 level.

To earn the Master of Science in Education degree in School Business Management, you must complete:

Breadth (27 credits)
Internship (3 credits)
Elective (6 credits)

Career Opportunities

School business managers oversee the administration and allocation of budgets and resources in a variety of learning institutions. Career paths and project work include all area roles and responsibilities found in the school district business office.

These roles and responsibilities include; accounting and reporting, auditing, budget and financial planning, cash management, debt management, facility construction and management, food and transportation systems, general management, human resource management, information technology and data management, payroll management, purchasing and accounts payable management, and risk management.

Other common position titles include assistant superintendent of operations, comptroller and financial specialist. Archived salary information, position and demographic reports can be found at the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction (DPI). 2

Average salary for a school business manager in the State of Wisconsin is $107,661.

1Public Administrative Salary Report, 2018 – 2019
2Archived School Staff: Salary, Position and Demographic Reports


To ensure a high-quality graduate student group, all MSE in School Business Management students must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution and meet graduate admission criteria, in addition to the MSE in School Business Management admission criteria provided below.

If you do not meet the graduate admission criteria, please email us to determine if you could be admitted on a conditional basis.

A foundational course in financial accounting is required before enrolling in school finance courses. Students with no prior academic accounting background or experience will be required to take this pre-requisite or Common Body of Knowledge (CBK) accounting course either at the graduate or undergraduate level. However, an accounting course taken for graduate credit does not count towards the 36-credit degree requirement.

To ensure the program is compliant with Wisconsin Administrative Code PI 34 for Teacher Education Program Approval and Licensing as updated August 2018, all applicants must undergo a criminal background check (PI 34.018).

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