Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance


$395 Per Credit

The strategic management of resources is the basis for the field of finance. Roles often suited for Finance majors include helping individuals, corporations and governmental organizations reach their financial goals.

Students learn about security valuation, corporate financial management, banking, real estate, and insurance.

Program Description

Finance is central to many of the critical activities that make up our free market economy. The Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance provides students with an understanding of the financial and legal dimensions of business including a strong foundation in corporate finance, investments, money and capital markets, and personal financial planning.

The major is a good fit for individuals who enjoy working with numbers, have an aptitude for technology, and have strong analytical and problem-solving skills.

The UW-Whitewater BBA in Finance has been accepted into the CFA Institute University Recognition Program. This status is granted to institutions whose degree programs incorporate at least 70 percent of the Level 1 CFA Program Candidate Body of Knowledge (CBOK), which positions students well to sit for the CFA exams. In addition, the BBA in Finance with Financial Planning emphasis has been nationally recognized as a degree program allowing expedited testing for the Certified Financial Planning (CFP ®) designation.

Career Opportunities

Graduates are prepared to work as security analysts, financial planners, and personal and corporate investment managers.


There are several application paths an online bachelor’s student might take including as transfer, reentry, freshman, or second-degree seeking applicants. You may even be an international applicant.

If you aren’t sure which application path to follow or need help completing the UW-System E-Application, view the Application Tips PDF or complete the Request Information form and a program representative will get in touch with you.

Unofficial Transcript Review

Transfer, reentry, and second-degree seeking students can request an unofficial transcript review. An unofficial review will give you an idea of which of your credits might transfer and how those transfer credits might apply to the online bachelor’s program. To request a review, contact the Online BBA Bachelor’s Coordinator.

You can also determine potential transfer credit by using Transferology. Transferology is a fast and free way to determine how credits may transfer from one institution to another.

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