Bachelor of Science in Education Early Child Care & Education


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The UW-Whitewater Early Child Care and Education (ECCE) program is a non-license early childhood degree, designed for working professionals who have earned at least one credential already and want to stack credential based credits toward a degree. This degree is best suited for those who want to work in child care, preschool, head start or for one of the many organizations focused on supporting young children and families.

Program Description

The Online Bachelor’s in Early Child Care and Education requirements have been designed to prepare you for success as a student in the program and your subsequent career.

The ECCE program requires 120 credits. All students are required to complete a minimum of 30 credits through UW-Whitewater; 18 of these must be credits toward the major and 15 must be taken at the end of their program. Students have a great deal of decision-making power related to their degree, so there is not a single list of courses that need to be completed.

Career Opportunities

This degree prepares non-K-12 district school personnel for lead positions in sites such as child care centers.  The leadership certificate can provide an entry to leadership/managerial positions at child education centers.


There are several application paths an online bachelor’s student might take including transfer, reentry, or second-degree seeking applicants.

Transfer applicants

Transfer applicants are students who have attended another college or university (including having earned an associate’s degree) but have never attended UW-Whitewater.

Reentry applicants

Reentry applicants are students who have previously attended UW-Whitewater.

Second-Degree seeking applicants

Second-Degree seeking applicants are students who have already earned a bachelor’s degree and would like to pursue another. If you would like to earn another bachelor’s degree, you can apply to UW-Whitewater’s online bachelor’s program as a special student with full credentials. To complete your degree, you would only need to fulfill the requirements for the major you choose.

Unofficial Transcript Review

Transfer, Reentry, and Second-Degree Seeking students, can request an unofficial transcript review. An unofficial review will give you an idea of which of your credits might transfer and how those transfer credits might apply to the online bachelor’s program. To request a review, fill out the  request more information form.

You can also determine potential transfer credit by using Transferology. Transferology is a fast and free way to determine how credits may transfer from one institution to another.

Admission for the Online Degree

  • Admission requirements – successful completion of at least one credential, an AAS degree in Early Childhood Education, a Liberal Studies degree or unrelated Bachelor’s degree
  • Application periods – continuous enrollment for fall, spring and summer semesters
  • Application process – complete the UW-System Application. Choose University of Wisconsin – Whitewater, and the Early Child Care & Education (COEPS) major.

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