Master of Science in Applied Kinesiology


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Advance in a high-demand field.

Kinesiology is the term used to describe the study of human movement. In the Online Master of Science in Applied Kinesiology program, students will be exposed to a broad curriculum covering content across the kinesiology subdisciplines, including exercise physiology, exercise psychology, and athletic coaching, as well as research methodology.

Completion of the program can help graduates become more competitive for leadership positions such as exercise physiologists, cardiac rehabilitation coordinators, collegiate or professional strength and sport coaches, community health program educators and administrators, as well as corporate and entrepreneurial positions related to health, fitness, and sport performance.

Program Description

The MS of Applied Kinesiology degree requirements have been designed to cover a broad range of topics from within the field of Kinesiology. This program is designed to be a 30 credit, three-semester graduate study program.

The six core courses draw from content across the kinesiology sub-disciplines including exercise physiology, exercise psychology, and athletic coaching, as well as research methodology. Students can tailor the program to their specific career interests with selection of the appropriate electives. Lastly, students may choose to complete either a thesis or a practicum to apply their coursework in a culminating educational experience.

Learning outcomes for students in the MS in Applied Kinesiology program are as follows:

  • Integrate and evaluate human anatomy and physiology concepts in the design of programs that optimize health and performance.
  • Exhibit cultural competency with a respect for complexity as they address current issues regarding diversity, ability/disability, and disease across the lifespan within the domain of human performance in a global society.
  • Inquire, analyze, and evaluate data both individually and collaboratively, and demonstrate information and quantitative literacy by contributing to the human performance research community.
  • Demonstrate the ability to analyze and apply current psychological theories to sport and exercise performance.
  • Manage human and fiscal resources in accordance with leadership, organization, and management techniques within the human performances.

Career Opportunities

Masters in Applied Kinesiology professionals with advanced credentials are in high demand.

Graduates will be prepared for careers as:

  • Exercise Physiologists
  • Cardiac Rehabilitation Coordinators
  • Collegiate or Professional Strength and Sport Coaches
  • Community Health Program Educators and Administrators
  • Corporate and Entrepreneurial Careers related to Health, Fitness, and Sport Performance

Graduates will also sit for the American College of Sports Medicine’s Exercise Physiologist Certification (ACSM-EP) Exam.


To ensure a high quality graduate student group, all MS in Applied Kinesiology students must have a bachelor’s degree from a recognized institution and meet graduate admission criteria.

If you do not meet the graduate admission criteria, please email us to determine if you could be admitted on a conditional basis.

International students must meet additional criteria and will be evaluated on a case-by-case basis. Contact us for information and assistance.

There are no additional requirements for admission to the MS in Applied Kinesiology program.

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