Bachelor of Science in Public Leadership & Changemaking


$319 Per Credit

Our bachelor of science in public leadership and changemaking is an interdisciplinary program that will prepare you to engage diverse groups to develop solutions to complex issues within local, regional, national and global communities. You will gain an understanding of systemic issues, and you’ll develop skills and gain real-world experience through a required internship, capstone courses and more. This major is unique in the region, making graduates highly sought after by nonprofits, planning agencies, civic and public agencies, Tribal government entities and many more.

This program is available in both on campus and distance learning formats. A minor is required.

Program Description

Through a major in Public Leadership and Changemaking at UW-Superior, you will be able to:

  • Understand key factors that may impact how systems and institutions function
  • Identify and apply a range of methods to facilitate change
  • Describe and compare how organizations engage in civic interventions
  • Recognize and analyze current complex issues and their historical roots
  • Describe characteristics of civic and social responsibility
  • Use a variety of communication tools to bring about change
  • Perform technical tasks like budgeting, grant writing, scenario planning, and report writing
  • Gather, evaluate and analyze information to understand an issue and inform a response
  • Work collaboratively with diverse partners to lead inclusive processes
  • Design and implement a concrete civic intervention

Career Opportunities

Graduates of this major will be “change makers” who are prepared for a wide range of career fields, including:

  • Community health
  • Sustainable management
  • Urban and regional planning
  • Social and community service
  • Community advocacy
  • Public relations and community engagement


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