Individually Designed Major


120 to Degree
$319 Per Credit

The self-designed major gives you the flexibility of designing your own major to align with your unique interests and career goals. It is the oldest and most-established self-designed major program in the Universities of Wisconsin and one of the largest majors by enrollment at UW-Superior.

Working closely with an advisor, you can choose classes from a variety of subjects to create a custom course of study. The self-designed major is an optimal choice if you are seeking a degree or career preparation not offered at UWS or perhaps not anywhere. It can also be a great choice if you are a transfer student or have some college experience and are looking for the most efficient way to complete your degree. Choose from the following options:

  • Interdisciplinary – Comprehensive (no minor required). Minimum 51 credits, 22 of which must be upper division and must be interdisciplinary with at least three, but no more than four separate discipline areas.
  • Individually-Designed – Non-comprehensive (minor required). Minimum 33 credits, 18 of which must be upper division. May be either interdisciplinary or only one discipline.

Program Description

Through a self-designed major, you will:

  • Incorporate different areas of study into one major
  • Acquire skills and knowledge specific to your interests and future goals
  • Increase earning and employment potential or prepare for graduate study

The following is a list of previously designed majors that are in high demand. You may choose from this list or create your own major, with input and approval from academic advising.

  • Environmental studies; climate change
  • Human or social services
  • Health care administration
  • Sports management
  • Public relations
  • Sports communication
  • Business communication
  • Political communication
  • Organizational management
  • Health communication
  • Cultural communication
  • Information management
  • Education studies

Career Opportunities

Students who graduate with a self-designed major often graduate feeling more marketable to employers or graduate programs because of their diverse experiences and initiative related to building and navigating their own program of study. Students demonstrate resilience and creativity as they work through unique challenges, seek internships or field studies, and market themselves to future employers.

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