Individually Designed Major


120 to Degree
$319 Per Credit

The self-designed major gives you the flexibility of designing your own major to align with your unique interests and career goals. It is the oldest and most-established self-designed major program in the Universities of Wisconsin and one of the largest majors by enrollment at UW-Superior.

Working closely with an advisor, you can choose classes from a variety of subjects to create a custom course of study. The self-designed major is an optimal choice if you are seeking a degree or career preparation not offered at UWS or perhaps not anywhere. It can also be a great choice if you are a transfer student or have some college experience and are looking for the most efficient way to complete your degree. Choose from the following options:

  • Interdisciplinary – Comprehensive (no minor required). Minimum 51 credits, 22 of which must be upper division and must be interdisciplinary with at least three, but no more than four separate discipline areas.
  • Individually-Designed – Non-comprehensive (minor required). Minimum 33 credits, 18 of which must be upper division. May be either interdisciplinary or only one discipline.

Program Description

Through a self-designed major, you will:

  • Incorporate different areas of study into one major
  • Acquire skills and knowledge specific to your interests and future goals
  • Increase earning and employment potential or prepare for graduate study

The following is a list of previously designed majors that are in high demand. You may choose from this list or create your own major, with input and approval from academic advising.

  • Environmental studies; climate change
  • Human or social services
  • Health care administration
  • Sports management
  • Public relations
  • Sports communication
  • Business communication
  • Political communication
  • Organizational management
  • Health communication
  • Cultural communication
  • Information management
  • Education studies

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