Bachelor of Arts in English: 4-12 Education


63 in Major 120 to Degree

$319 per credit

The University of Wisconsin-Superior was founded as a teacher education college in 1893. That strong heritage of innovation and quality has guided our education programs for more than a century. Today, UW-Superior is still regarded as a frontrunner in PK-12 education programs. Our graduates are leaders in their field, making a lasting difference in students’ lives. The need for dedicated and highly skilled educators has never been greater and with a degree from UW-Superior, opportunities abound.

As an English secondary education major, you will be prepared to teach English and other literature, speech and composition-based courses. Coursework contains a concentration in English literature. The program leads to grades 4-12 licensure in the State of Wisconsin and requires completion of the instruction minor and either the writing major, the writing minor, or the theater minor, as well as a full semester of student teaching.

Program Description

Students follow a course of study approved by the Wisconsin Department of Public Instruction, including an array of courses focused on literature genres as well as composition and communications/theater arts. Additional coursework is completed through the teacher education program.

Career Opportunities

There is a well-documented nationwide shortage of teachers and licensed teachers are in high demand. The vast majority of our graduates find teaching jobs upon graduation, and many have multiple opportunities to choose from.

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