Master of Science in Risk Control & Safety Management


$413 Per Credit

As a student within the M.S. Risk Control and Safety Management program, you will continuously integrate management theory with realistic, practical problem-solving experiences within our labs and in local business/industrial settings. Our program is nationally recognized by major corporations for promoting the technical, managerial and communication skills that align with the demands of a highly dynamic profession.

Program Description

The M.S. Risk Control and Safety Management program emphasizes the following valuable and relevant content areas: A broad technical base in employee protection, workplace design and engineering principles, regulatory compliance, risk finance, as well as public, property and environmental protection.

A strong management emphasis which promotes effective communication as well as collaboration skills to prompt management personnel to alter the method(s) of managing moderate to high process risks.

Career Opportunities

The titles of positions that M.S. Risk Control and Safety Management program graduates typically assume within private and government-based organizations include:

  • Chemical Safety Engineer
  • Construction Safety Manager
  • Corporate Employee and Environmental Protection Manager
  • Employee, Safety and Health Manager
  • Ergonomics Specialist
  • Hazardous Waste Management Specialist
  • Infectious Agent Control Officer
  • Industrial Hygienist
  • Industrial Hygiene Specialist
  • Loss Control Insurance Specialist
  • Occupational Safety and Health Manager
  • OSHA Compliance Officer
  • OSHA Area Director
  • Process Safety Engineer
  • Property Protection Manager
  • Risk Control Specialist
  • Risk Manager
  • Safety and Health Manager
  • Safety Director
  • Safety Engineer
  • Safety, Health and Environmental Protection Manager
  • Security Manager


All prospective graduate students at UW-Stout must follow a standard application process through our Graduate School. Beyond that, each graduate program has specific requirements that must be met to be successfully admitted to the program.

Program-Specific Application Requirements

Please submit the following to apply to the M.S. Risk Control and Safety Management program:

  • Transcripts of all prior associate, undergraduate and graduate-level academic studies.
  • A professionally-written statement of intent within the UW System application which describes the candidate’s academic as well as employment history, professional goals and personal development needs.

The M.S. Risk Control and Safety Management Program Selection Committee will favor applicants who possess a minimum overall undergraduate GPA of 3.0 as well as academic and workplace experience that aligns with the broad demands of the risk control and safety management profession.

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