Bachelor of Science in Psychology


$380 Per Credit

Psychology is the scientific study of the thoughts, feelings, motivations, and behaviors of individuals. The goal of this program is to prepare you to contribute to the improvement of the human condition. Designed according to American Psychological Association guidelines, the program’s online customized instruction (CI) provides a foundation in both basic psychological theory and application of psychology to real-world issues.

Program Description

The B.S. in Psychology program at UW-Stout focuses on applying the science of psychology to helping people and solving real world problems.
In addition to traditional coursework in the major sub-fields of psychology, the program offers a unique variety of courses applying psychology to areas such as counseling, health, the workplace, the legal system, the environment, and consumer behavior. Students in the program have numerous opportunities to gain hands-on experience through applied course projects, research experiences, and field experiences. Faculty advisors guide students in developing a personal program plan centered on their individual needs and career goals.

Graduates finish the program with a strong foundation in the application of psychology, analytical thinking and communication skills, which makes them attractive candidates for a wide variety of jobs and graduate programs.

Career Opportunities

You’ll graduate from our program with strong skills in writing, critical thinking, and working with people which makes you an attractive candidate for a wide variety of entry-level positions in human services, education, health, government, and business. Importantly, you’ll also have the background to pursue advanced training in areas such as counseling, research, medicine, and law.


At UW-Stout, you’ll do more than earn an education—you’ll do on day one. We empower you with the skills and experiences necessary to thrive in today’s dynamic world. From innovative labs and studios to industry partnerships, we provide unparalleled opportunities for you to engage with real-world scenarios and gain invaluable hands-on experience. You’ll graduate not only with a degree but with the confidence and expertise to excel in your chosen field.

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