Bachelor of Science or Bachelor of Arts in Sociology


$279 per credit

Study Society, Advance Social Change

Sociology is a highly versatile degree, and at UWSP, we focus on the skills and perspectives graduates need to improve organizations, communities, and society. With an understanding of the social causes and consequences of human behavior and interactions, graduates are ready to work in a variety of settings or continue on to graduate school.

Our sociology students garner the knowledge, skills, and tools to critically analyze a changing world and their place within it. The sociology degree program cultivates:

  • Analytical skills through research and data analysis,
  • Professional communication and critical thinking through internship practicums, and
  • Global and historical perspectives through coursework and research opportunities

Program Description

The UWSP online sociology program comprises a minimum of 32 credits:

  • 13 credits of core courses – Students gain proficiency in fundamental concepts, theoretical frameworks, and applied research methodologies within the field of sociology.
  • A minimum of 15 credits of elective courses – Students choose from a diverse array of special topic courses tailored to their individual interests or career goals. Possible concentrations may include:
    • Global studies (e.g., globalization, immigration, environmental sociology)
    • Social justice studies (e.g., social movement, social inequality, social welfare policies, race and criminal justice)
    • Family studies (e.g., marriage and family, childhood and adolescence, cultural perspectives of family, interpersonal violence)
    • Population studies (e.g., population problems, social epidemiology, race and ethnicity, urban sociology)
  • A minimum of 4 internship credits – This culminating experience enables students to apply their knowledge and skills either through field placements with local community organizations or via applied research projects.

Career Opportunities

Many graduates work in the public sector doing community and human service, social service work, law enforcement and criminal justice, program development, program evaluation, research, and statistical analysis. Potential career paths for sociology graduates may include:

  • Community/outreach organizer
  • Case manager
  • Market analyst/researcher
  • Policing/corrections
  • Social advocate/activist
  • Teacher/education


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