Master of Science in Strategic Management


$751 Per Credit

As industries continually evolve in the global marketplace, companies search for ways to enhance value by asking questions. How can we manufacture? How can we deliver it faster? How can we help employees be a little more productive? These questions, and many others, are central to the Master of Science in Strategic Management at the UW-Platteville School of Business.

Program Description

This strategic management degree will prepare you to systematically evaluate an organization’s operating environment and find ways to increase efficiency, productivity, and more. You’ll learn why some organizations fail and why others not only succeed but dominate their competitive markets. More versatile than an MBA, the Strategic Management program emphasizes value in all of its forms—human, social, environmental, financial, and others.

The courses are taught by faculty with years of industry experience and academic credentials, affording you a nuanced picture of what factors lead to organizational success and failure. The program also provides the opportunity to deploy strategic thinking within a specific domain of the organization through emphases in strategic human resources, strategic marketing, and strategic sourcing.

Select the area of emphasis that best fits your goals:

  • Strategic human resources: This track can help you transform organizational strategy into practices that build competitive advantages.
  • Strategic marketing: This track introduces many new strategies, business models, and tactics for capturing value in a competitive environment.
  • Strategic sourcing: With the strategic sourcing track, you will learn to analyze supply change challenges and develop a responsive, global supply chain.

Career Opportunities

Earning a degree or certificate in strategic management from UW-Platteville can prepare you for an exciting and rewarding career in an executive or advisory capacity. Strategic management professionals are needed in every industry, as they use their knowledge and skills to recommend and implement strategies to improve organizational efficiencies. These business leaders are responsible for guiding their departments, business lines, or even entire organizations toward meeting and exceeding goals.

Some of the most popular and fastest-growing positions for business professionals with a degree in strategic management include:

  • Chief operating officer
  • Director of strategy
  • Management consultant
  • Management analyst
  • Human resource director
  • Director of product development
  • Vice president of sales

These job titles represent just a sampling of the many and varied potential careers you can pursue when you earn your strategic management degree. Strategic management professionals may work as corporate leaders or as consultants, working on a project basis under a contractual relationship.


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