Bachelor of Business Administration in Marketing


$378 Per Credit

A degree in marketing from the UW-Platteville School of Business prepares you to manage the public face and identity of organizations and causes. Marketing plays a central role in an organization’s long-term health and survivability; without good marketing, companies ultimately cease to exist.

Marketing is a rewarding blend of strategic and tactical thinking along with leadership, interpersonal relations, and finance.

Utilizing the online degree option allows you to gain all the benefits of higher education with greater convenience and flexibility. By completing coursework at your pace without attending in-person classes, you can gain an education that fits your busy schedule.

Program Description

Our marketing program will teach you the science behind managing an organization’s brand. You will learn how to conduct market research with real organizations, manage websites, create advertisements, and build marketing campaigns as you prepare for an exciting career full of opportunity. The Bachelor of Business Administration degree in marketing can be completed on campus or online.

For students in other disciplines who are looking to augment their degree with a marketing credential, the marketing minor is a perfect choice. The minor pairs especially well with majors in Psychology, Agribusiness, and Graphic Design among others.

Career Opportunities

Some of the most common roles for people with degrees in marketing include:

  • Product marketing manager
  • Social media marketing manager
  • Market research analyst
  • Digital marketing analyst
  • Brand manager
  • Content writer or editor
  • Search engine optimization marketer
  • Public relations manager


To be considered for admission, you’ll need:

  • High school diploma or have earned HSED/GED
  • Meet college prep course requirements
  • If under age 22, top 50 percent of graduating class and a composite score of 22 ACT/1110 SAT*

Visit UW-Platteville Admissions to find requirements for online admission.

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