Bachelor of Business Administration in Management


$378 Per Credit

With a Bachelor of Business Administration in Management from the University of Wisconsin-Platteville, you can do just about anything. The objective of the program is to provide you with maximum flexibility in choosing the path that’s right for you. Whether it’s starting your own business, engaging in consulting, working for a large company or non-profit, or seeking an international role, the management program is structured to accommodate you.

Program Description

The business management major begins with a wide base to familiarize you with all aspects of organizational management. From there, you’ll customize the remainder of the program based on your unique interests so that you’re ready to lead, innovate, and shape the future of whichever business you’re in.

With a curriculum that mixes research-informed practice with high-impact learning opportunities, you’ll gain the tools, practices, and strategies needed to drive success. The management program is about more than taking advantage of opportunity; instead, you’ll be the one creating it.

Career Opportunities

As a business management major, you have a wide range of career paths to choose from. Occupations include:

  • Administrative services
  • Marketing managers
  • Compensation and benefits managers
  • Computer and information systems managers
  • Construction managers
  • Financial managers
  • Human resource managers
  • Sales managers


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