Bachelor of Arts in Sociology


$328 Per Credit

Do you have an associate’s degree or an unfinished 4-year degree?

Are you pressed for time to attend classes?

Do you work full time?

Do family or work commitments come in the way of attending college?

If you answered yes to some of the above, then UW-Parkside has a convenient, online degree completion path designed specifically for you!

Program Description

Earn your sociology degree online by completing the Sociology coursework requirements:

  • 20 credits of core courses
  • Core courses cover the basic theories and methods of sociology.
  • 18 credits of elective courses
  • Elective courses are offered in four content areas (below). At least one course is required in each content area.
  • Criminology and Deviance
  • Family and Human Services
  • Race and Ethnic Relations
  • Urban Institutions and the Occupational World

Career Opportunities

You will be seeking employment in an ever changing, increasingly global, and technology driven workplace. A successful candidate in this environment needs a core set of skills and abilities that can be applied in a wide range of job settings. A Sociology major equips you with the skills and knowledge sets that are sought after by employers. You will be trained to think critically, analyze and solve problems, work in teams that foster cooperation, communication, and creativity. You will work with diverse communities to foster a sense of multiculturism and inclusivity.

A degree in Sociology helps you develop the skills you need for a successful 21st-century career. As a Sociology graduate, you have a foundation for better understanding and engaging with the changing world. The Sociology degree serves as an excellent springboard for a variety of careers in many diverse fields. You can easily transfer the skills you obtain with your undergraduate in sociology, the trick is to understand how to translate what you have learned into terms future employers find valuable ( Contact the Advising and Career Center for more information on how to explore, prepare, and pursue your career.

Following are some areas of employment:


• Diversity Trainer
• Public Relations
• Marketing and Sales
• Consumer Research
• Human Resources
• Insurance
• Real Estate
• Entrepreneurship
• Leadership & Management

Counseling and Therapy

• Alcohol and Substance Abuse
• Marriage and Family Therapy
• Mental Health Therapy

Criminal Justice

• Law enforcement
• Probation and Parole Administration
• Investigations
• Judicial Affairs
• Attorney
• Paralegal

Social Services

• Rehabilitation
• Case Management
• Child and Youth Services
• Recreation
• Administration
• Social Work
• Local, State, Federal Agencies

Health Services

• Community Health Worker
• Substance Abuse Education
• Rehabilitation counseling
• Hospital admissions
• Insurance industry


• Elementary
• Secondary
• Special Education
• Teaching English as a second language

Community Services

• Nonprofit Agencies
• Urban Planning
• Childcare
• Community and Youth Work
• Environmental Advocacy

Higher Education

• Admissions
• Advising
• Alumni relations
• Administrative support


• Professional Writing
• Research
• Editing
• Journalism
• Social Media


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