Bachelor of Business Administration in Supply Chain Management


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Supply chain management (SCM) is an exciting and all-encompassing business field that includes planning, managing, and coordinating all of the activities from sourcing raw materials needed for production to delivering the final product to the end customer. The competitive landscape requires supply chains to compete against other supply chains. This change has resulted in strong current and future job opportunities in supply chain management.

Program Description

The UW Oshkosh SCM curriculum is designed to ensure students are positioned for success in a wide variety of SCM careers paths. The broad-based curriculum incorporates elements of Plan, Source, Make, Deliver, and Return to illustrate the importance of synchronization through modern day closed loop supply chains. Our hands-on learning approach gives students exposure to relevant business scenarios using cutting edge systems and applications including: SAP, SAP Lumira, and Excel Solver. The SCM program caters to current and future needs of industry. With a focus on lean manufacturing and supply chain sustainability, the SCM program is designed to meet the 21st century needs of our regional, national, and global stakeholders. The course descriptions and the key concepts learned in each course are listed below:

Course Descriptions

SCM 342 Supply Chain Modeling & Analysis (Offered Fall & Spring): Modeling and solving a wide assortment of problems in operations management and supply chain management using linear programming (Excel Solver).

SCM 343 Manufacturing Planning & Control Systems (Offered Fall only): Sales and operations planning, master scheduling, material requirements planning, capacity control, and Lean.

SCM 344 Supply Chain & Logistics Management (Offered Spring Only): online distribution network models, choosing facility location, lot sizes of combined shipments, lot size with discounts, aggregate planning, safety stock, transportation hours of service, Transportation rate comparisons, and Lean management practices.

SCM 345 Global Procurement & Strategic Sourcing (Offered Fall & Spring): Global procurement strategy, procedures, and forms; negotiation (including global cultural differences), global transportation modes and regulations; Lean material purchasing & handling principles.

SCM 445 Supply Chain Strategy & Analytics (Offered Spring only): The study of 21st century supply chain strategies across the supply chain including: big data (Volume, Velocity, and Variety), supply chain analytics (using SAP Lumira), artificial intelligence, and supply chain integration

SCM 460 Quality Management & Six Sigma (Offered Fall only): Six Sigma tools and techniques including: basic statistical analysis, identification and creation of various control charts, identification of problems with data using control carts, examination of capabilities indices, ANOVA, and regression analysis.

Career Opportunities

Supply Chain Career Opportunities

Entry-level positions for graduates:


  • Customer Service Analyst
  • Inventory Control Analyst
  • Pricing Analyst
  • Procurement Analyst
  • Quality Analyst
  • Supply Chain Analyst

Supervisors | Planners

  • Buyer
  • Logistics Coordinator
  • Manufacturing Supervisor
  • Materials Specialist
  • Production Scheduler
  • Production Planner
  • Raw Material Planner
  • Team Coordinator
  • Team Leader
  • Transportation Planner or Supervisor
  • Warehouse Supervisor


UW Oshkosh online programs accept admissions applications year-round. ACT and placement exams are not required for these programs. Students who are transferring credits must have a minimum GPA of 2.0.

There is a $50 application fee. It is waived if you attended a UW System two-year college or if you previously attended UW Oshkosh and didn’t transfer to another college or university.

*Please note: Some degree programs have specific admissions requirements in addition to the University admissions requirements. See each specific program page for those additional requirements.

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