Bachelor of Liberal Studies


$390 Per Credit

Coursework Focuses On:

  • Contemporary global and environmental issues
  • Different approaches to leadership
  • Workplace and communication trends
  • Work-life balance in American society

Program Description

Leaders are critical thinkers who can approach challenges and opportunities with a broad perspective. The Liberal Studies degree combines coursework in a number of disciplines to help you develop a broad base of skills necessary for becoming a leader in the workplace. This degree, without an emphasis, is targeted to those that have previously earned a significant number of college credits.

Career Opportunities

Qualify for leadership and management positions in a variety of fields with a Bachelor of Liberal Studies degree!


As a student in the online Liberal Studies program, your major will be within the Bachelor of Liberal Studies (BLS). There are no specific admission requirements outside of those set by the UW Oshkosh Office of Undergraduate Admissions.

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