Bachelor of Applied Studies in Criminal Justice


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The BS, BA or BAS in Criminal Justice curriculum for the major is designed to prepare students for careers in a variety of careers related to justice and crime reduction. Courses focus on law, corrections, policing and criminology and aim to teach students about the complexities associated with the criminal justice process and crime analysis.

Students have the opportunity to focus on criminological theory, research methodology, statistical analysis and law, so that graduates from UW Oshkosh earn a criminal justice education that will have prepared them to pursue advanced degrees in the fields of criminology, criminal justice and law.

Program Description

The Criminal Justice Major is recommended for students who seek an understanding of the criminal justice system. The major is not intended to serve as a professional training program; rather it is an academically centered major that focuses on the legal, ethical, administrative, and behavioral aspects of the criminal justice system and its various parts. There are 42 credits required to complete the criminal justice major (27 credits of required core courses and 15 credits of electives).

Career Opportunities

Become a leader in the criminal justice field, and earn your BS, BA or Bachelor of Applied Studies in Criminal Justice from UW Oshkosh. Gain a better understanding of the complex systems of law enforcement and corrections, and increase your career potential with a bachelor’s degree.

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