Master of Translation & Interpreting Studies


$767 Per Credit

The MA in Translation & Interpreting Studies offers online professional training to students in French, German, Spanish, and Russian, and often other languages, who wish to pursue careers in the language-services industry broadly speaking, or in other fields requiring advanced professional use of a language other than English. Being bilingual is not enough to be a successful translator. Professional translators must be experts in both source and target cultures, skilled readers of the source language and superb writers of the target language. In addition, they need expertise in an area of specialization and a solid grasp of the language-services industry.

Program Description

Students in the program learn how to translate and/or interpret, and how to be a language professional through the use of leading industry computer-assisted translation tools and the completion of internships that often lead to employment. See Program Description

Career Opportunities

The Translation & Interpreting Studies program can prepare you to:

  • be an in-house translator
  • be a freelancer
  • be a translation company owner
  • specialize in your area of interest
  • pursue doctoral studies

Some of our courses are also open to non-degree students who want to develop their professional skills without completing the master’s degree.


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