Bachelor of Arts in Sociology


30 in Major 120 to Degree

$395 Per Credit

Everyone is part of multiple social groups. Your local community, your ethnic group, your religious organization, your workplace, your team, your family – these are all examples of groups to which you might belong. The Sociology major at UWM offers students a chance to better understand these groups and the people within them.

Program Description

Students explore the social causes and consequences of human behavior, including topics such as political movements, population shifts, housing patterns, racism, gender inequality, the legal system, the medical profession, crime, families, sexuality, workplace organization, food cultures, and more. Students can take a broad range of courses or develop a specialization in areas such as social inequality, law and society, the sociology of gender or urban sociology.
Sociology relies on data, statistics and research to form theories and draw conclusions. You will learn to analyze large volumes of information in a logical and consistent manner using the latest software. See Program Description

Career Opportunities

With a BA in sociology career opportunities include: social research, business administration, marketing and market research, banking, advising (family planning, career planning, substance abuse, etc.), community development, health services, journalism, group and recreation work, sales, teaching, human resources/personnel management and social services.


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