Bachelor of Arts in Psychology


33 in the Major 120 to Degree

$395 Per Credit

UWM’s psychology major is consistently ranked among the top online programs nationwide by

The program provides broad training in psychology, the science of behavior, including training in the research methods used to conduct experiments. In addition, the department has research strengths in clinical psychology, health psychology, and neuroscience, and provides opportunities to pursue more specialized coursework in these areas.


Program Description

Students who would like to declare the psychology major must complete Psych 101, our introductory course, and at least 15 university credits. Students who complete the psychology major take classes in statistics, research methods, and the physiological bases of behavior, along with other discipline-specific classes of their choice (e.g., developmental psychology, perception, abnormal psychology, psychopharmacology and addiction, psychology of aging). See Program Description

Career Opportunities

An undergraduate degree in psychology is excellent preparation for applying to the master’s or doctoral degree needed to enter a licensed position as a counselor, therapist or psychologist.

Entry level career options that do not require a graduate degree span all types of options that involve interaction with people – human resources, corporate training, real estate, sales, marketing, fundraising, general business administration, community organizing, and more.


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