Bachelor of Arts in Jewish Studies


30 in Major 120 to Degree

$395 Per Credit

Jewish Studies majors at UWM examine the culture and religion of the Jewish people through language, history, arts, media, politics, and literature. Students can shape their own degree by focusing their electives around their specific interests, such as Israel, the Holocaust, or media representation.

Program Description

UWM students can choose a Hebrew Studies track within the major which has a focus on the foundations of Judaism, including extensive study of the Hebrew language. Or, students can opt for the Jewish Studies track with an emphasis on modern Jewish history, literature, film and politics. The Stahl Center for Jewish Studies offers scholarships and awards to outstanding Jewish Studies majors and minors.

Career Opportunities

A major in Jewish Studies prepares students for work in a multicultural world with a skill set that includes the ability to analyze texts and weigh different interpretations, present persuasive arguments in writing and speech, and appreciate different backgrounds and viewpoints. Jewish Studies alumni have found careers in social welfare, Jewish organization administration, foreign affairs, business administration, journalism, the arts, education, and more. Further graduate study has led others to careers in religious leadership as rabbis or cantors.


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