Bachelor of Arts in History


36 in Major 120 to Degree

$395 Per Credit

History is an original liberal arts field and is designed to prepare students for any type of profession that emphasizes critical analysis, reading of dense texts, creative problem-solving, and oral and written communication. History majors collect and analyze evidence to construct arguments, propose new interpretations, formulate conclusions, test hypotheses, and communicate new ideas.

Program Description

Why study History at UWM?

Our program is broad and deep. All students take some coursework covering different eras and locations but space for electives let you take more classes in your particular area of interest such as a specific area of the world or time period.

In our program, students learn skills employers need and value. The study of history relies on data, statistics, research, and analysis to form theories and draw conclusions. You will learn to analyze large volumes of information in a logical and consistent manner using the latest software.

Career Opportunities

UWM’s history alumni can be found in almost every type of profession. Analyzing the past and constructing new interpretations and applications leads to high-level critical thinking, problem-solving and written communication skills – excellent qualities for lawyers, journalists, business leaders, teachers, museum personnel and nonprofit managers.


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