Bachelor of Science in Biomedical Sciences – Health Sciences Submajor


60 in Major 120 to Degree

$382 Per Credit

Stay competitive in today’s job market and improve your opportunity for career advancement or career change with the BS Biomedical Sciences: Health Sciences Degree Completion Program submajor.

This fully online program prepares you to assume a wide range of roles within both clinical and non-clinical settings, such as hospitals and other patient care facilities, government organizations or insurance companies.

This bachelor’s degree is designed for learners returning to higher education with an associate degree in any field or at least 60 transferrable credits. Associate degree holders are awarded at least 60 advanced standing credits. You’ll complete a curriculum designed to learn the skills and knowledge most employers value.

Program Description

Career Opportunities

Health Sciences Jobs and Career Paths

Positions in the health sciences range from clinical work with frequent patient contact to office work at private corporations. Because healthcare is such a diverse field, health sciences graduates have the ability to move both laterally and upward as career interests and goals change. Health sciences graduates can pursue non-clinical positions that require an in-depth understanding of clinical work or the healthcare field as a whole. These roles are usually classified as leadership or administrative positions and sometimes involve coordinating, supervising, or training others. Because of this, you will likely need a bachelor’s degree to be considered for them.

Graduate or professional school programs

The reason many students earn a health sciences bachelor’s degree is to begin preparing for a graduate or professional school program.

According to 2022 data from the Association of American Medical Colleges, a specialized health sciences degree was one of the seven most common types of undergraduate degrees earned before starting medical school. (Additional coursework may be required for admission to graduate or professional programs).


Candidates for the BS Biomedical Sciences: Health Sciences Degree Completion program must have earned an associate degree (for which a minimum of 60 credits will be awarded towards the health sciences degree) OR earned 60 total transferable credits (which requires a transcript review and course equivalencies will be applied toward the health sciences degree).

See the Biomedical Sciences admissions page for more information.

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