Master of Engineering Engineering: Polymer Engineering


$1300 Per Credit

As one of the largest manufacturing industries in the country, companies across the plastics industry are seeking highly skilled professionals to meet consumer demand and give them a competitive edge.

The University of Wisconsin–Madison’s Master of Engineering: Polymer Engineering program prepares you to face the many challenges that plastics companies encounter every day. Throughout the program, you will be introduced to traditional plastics, as well as the latest innovations in specialty polymers — with growing applications in the biomedical and pharmaceutical fields, electronics, and nanotechnology.

As a 100% online program, you have the flexibility to complete your curriculum online as your work, family, and life schedules allow. Courses are developed for high-performing professionals with coursework that mirrors real-world challenges you might face in the workplace.

The polymer engineering program provides an opportunity to learn from UW–Madison experts. The University of Wisconsin–Madison is internationally recognized for its research and teaching in polymer engineering and science, as well as its expenditures in research and development activities. U.S. News & World Report has also consistently ranked UW–Madison’s online engineering programs among the best in the nation.

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