Master of Engineering in Engineering: Engineering Data Analytics


$1300 Per Credit

The amount and speed of data just keeps increasing—across every industry and in every sector. A Master of Engineering in Engineering Data Analytics from the University of Wisconsin–Madison ensures that you are the person leadership relies on to optimize, analyze, and act on that information.

Integrating sources and sensors, data architecture, software, analytics, and data visualization in one degree, UW’s Engineering Data Analytics master’s program also supplements your existing engineering expertise and builds your project management and leadership skills. Work with instructors and peers across a wide array of disciplines to understand the entire flow of data, from collection to storage, analysis to decisions. You complete core classes in data analytics and then drill down in electives based on your engineering field or interests.

Every course is different because every class is different. Your classmates may work down the hall, at your competitor’s business, or around the world—and they come from varied engineering backgrounds. You each bring real-world challenges from your workplace into the classroom to examine and practice together.

The online atmosphere is cooperative and interactive, so while you learn to couple your engineering knowledge with analytics, you also learn how to work collaboratively and remotely. Additionally, our instructors understand the challenges you face when working online while maintaining your current responsibilities at your job and in life. We support you throughout your education so you stay engaged and on track to complete your degree, no matter what your timeline.

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