Bachelor of Arts in Sociology & Anthropology


$373 Per Credit

Study People, Culture, & Society. Our field is all about people watching. If you love observing people and have a natural curiosity about others, you’ll fit right in as a sociology and anthropology major. Our courses help you gain understanding of culture and social behavior and analyze intersections of power. By learning more about your community, you’re equipped with the power to make change.

Program Description

Sociology is the systematic study of social organization and social life. Sociologists use scientific and humanistic approaches to explain and understand social behavior and social systems. Topics include collective behavior and social movements; deviant behavior, crime and punishment; gender and human sexuality; race and ethnicity, community and urban society; and social class and status.

Students in the Sociology & Anthropology program learn a variety of research methods and social theories used to study both large-scale and small-scale patterns of social relationships, as well as the processes by which these patterns change. A minor in Sociology & Anthropology will provide additional breadth of perspective for students with majors in Democracy and Justice Studies, Environmental Planning and Policy, Public Administration, Urban Studies, and Business Administration. It also provides preparation for students going on to graduate work in programs such as sociology, social work, urban studies, and other social science programs.

Career Opportunities

People with liberal arts degrees are no strangers to the question, “What are you going to do with that?” Your answer: “Anything I want to!” A degree in sociology and anthropology gives you an abundant fund of knowledge to pursue professions in a diverse field. The median salary for anthropologists is $61,190 (Occupational Outlook Handbook, 2022).

Some careers will need a master’s degree, but a bachelor’s degree sets you up for success, no matter your path. Graduates have pursued successful careers in the following:

  • Human Rights Officer
  • Housing Coordinator
  • Lawyer
  • Sales Representative
  • Journalist
  • Market Researcher
  • Family Planner
  • Admissions Counselor
  • Teacher
  • Economic Analyst
  • Legislative Aide
  • Human Resources Manager

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