Bachelor of Science in Psychology


$373 Per Credit

Interested in a career where you can help people? Fascinated by the human brain? You’ll fit right in as a psychology major at UW-Green Bay. Explore and measure what makes people tick, what sparks our motivations and how we interact with one another.

Program Description

Psychology is the systematic and scientific study of behavior and mental processes (e.g., memory, emotion). It seeks to explain how physiological, personal, cultural, social, developmental, and environmental conditions influence thought and action. Research aims to understand, predict, and influence behavior. A strong grasp of psychology also requires knowledge of the approach and content of considered core to the field as a whole. Students gain this understanding by completing coursework in the primary areas of Psychology: Research Methods, Physiological/Cognitive, Social/Personality, Culture/Gender, and Clinical/Counseling.

Career Opportunities

Psychology helps to deepen understanding of individual and social behavior and provides a strong general background for many careers. Psychology graduates are employed in a variety of positions with their bachelor’s degree, including in social and community service, business, research, and education-related fields from after-school programs to college admissions. Because of the wide range of possibilities, students should select courses and pursue applied experiences relevant to the occupational area of greatest interest.

Preparation for specialized professional work — such as testing, counseling, university teaching, consulting, and many research activities — usually requires a master’s or doctoral degree. Psychology majors have pursued graduate school in many fields, including psychology sub-disciplines such as experimental, developmental, neuroscience, industrial/organizational, social, sport, exercise, and performance psychology, clinical, counseling, and school psychology, as well as the related fields of social work, education, medicine, law, and business.

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