Bachelor of Arts in Political Science


$373 Per Credit

Choose an eventful major. Earn a degree that broadens your horizons. Practically any issue can be studied through the lens of political science. Your degree will be incredibly adaptable because you’ll develop skills including data analysis, verbal and written communication and critical thinking. With a political science degree from UW-Green Bay, you’ll be ready to face any challenge with confidence.

Program Description

The curriculum is developed to include topics related to those working as a part of the policy process as well as the implementation of public policy with competencies in policy analysis, program evaluation, public budgeting and financial management, organizational behavior and management, human resources management, and ethics for public service. As such, it is tailored to leaders and managers in public/governmental entities as well as nonprofit organizations who are major players in the delivery of public services and operate with similar missions, values, and purposes as their governmental counterparts and whose successful operation requires many of the same skills and competencies.

Career Opportunities

With your political science degree, you have a wealth of opportunities open to you. Your post-graduate options are practically boundless – government, nonprofit organizations, businesses, law offices or academia. Our graduates have found success across a broad spectrum of careers, including:

  • Campaign Manager
  • Case Manager
  • City Manager
  • Consumer Advocate
  • Foreign Correspondent
  • Historic Preservationist
  • International Trade Specialist
  • Journalist
  • Legislative Analyst
  • Paralegal
  • Teacher

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